Пептид с малка молекула Производители. Купете висококачествено Пептид с малка молекула от Taiwan
Taiwan Goodwill Murray Peptide Technologies, lnc. е един от световните производители, доставчици и износители Пептид с малка молекула, С една фабрика в Taiwan. С дългогодишен опит в линията на вземане, ние сме известни за изключителна производителност в индустрията. Ние сме помогнали като един от водеща марка в Taiwan. Ние непрекъснато обновяваме нашите продукти да отговарят на международните стандарти. Ние държим на екип от професионалисти, които предоставя по срочните доставки с високо quality.Our, искреност и упорита работа ни помогна да съответства на нашето качество с международните стандарти.



The name of the company, Shanshui, is mainly based on the understanding that the best kindness is like water, which is the company's culture and value.
Based on this concept, the company's main product, the small molecule active peptide, is used in a high-density breeding water bath to extract Peptides in water achieve the output of peptide products in a non-killing way. The core technology lies in: high-density water bath culture, peptide extraction/purification/concentration technology, peptide powder making process, and application technology of peptide-related products …wait. Today, the company has become an important manufacturer of professional polypeptide-type small molecule active peptides.

product plan

According to recent research, the multiple functions of activated peptides (Activated Peptide) have been gradually discovered and developed. High blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, inhibiting bacteria, viruses and anti-cancer effects, as well as anti-oxidation, improving element absorption and transportation of substances and nutrients needed by the human body, promoting cell repair and growth, regulating food flavor...etc.
Especially in the post-epidemic era, when all the people are focusing on how to prevent the epidemic, how to maintain health, pay attention to health, improve immunity, prevent aging, etc., the small molecule active peptides produced by the company and its related application products can respond to This is a business opportunity for the demand for national epidemic prevention.
Based on this, the company plans to increase the production capacity of the above-mentioned peptide stock solution from 60 tons per year to more than 360 tons per year. In addition to selling the stock solution, it also invests in: epidemic prevention and health care products, beauty and cosmetic products, medical beauty repair The application and development of skin care products, fitness and sports skin care products, peptide feed... and other related products. At present, a number of products are on sale, and the subsidiaries Peptide Life and Yiyiyuan Technology have been established. Peptide Life is responsible for beauty doctors beauty, health care and related products, etc., while Yiyiyuan is responsible for the application and promotion of peptide feed and aquaculture.
Basically, the small-molecule active peptide stock solution and powder produced by the company can be used as the base material of the above-mentioned application products. Based on this development, the company has completed the establishment of the main application-end products including: peptide cosmetic gel , Peptide Medical Beauty Repair Essence Lotion, Peptide Softening Lotion, Peptide Foaming Tablet Functional Drink, Peptide Egg, Peptide Coffee, Peptide Chicken Essence, Cinnamomum Peptide Dropping Pills, All Peptide Dropping Pills, Peptide Rinse Saliva, Peptide Breeding, Peptide Feed, Peptide Shehubao, Peptide Natural Soap, Peptide Probiotics, Peptide High-Protein Sports Drink, Peptide Epidemic Prevention Tablets...etc.

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Пептид с малка молекула

с международните стандарти. Според различните видове изисквания на производство, ние предлагаме перфектни услуги за вас.